22 Consumer Rights – Magna Carta for Residential Electricity Consumers as Amended

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Aside from the basic rights of the consumers there are 22 specific rights stipulated. However, this magna carta is only applicable to residential consumers.

What are your rights as electric consumer?

1. Right to Electric Service

A consumer has the right to be connected to a distribution utility for electric power service after the consumer’s full compliance with the requirements.

2. Right to a Refund of Bill Deposits.

The bill deposit shall be refunded within one (1) month from the termination of service provided all bills have been paid.

3. Exemption from Payment of Meter Deposits

All consumers shall be exempt from payment of meter deposits since private distribution utilities have incorporated the cost of these electric watt-hour meters in their rate base. Electric cooperative shall use their respective Reinvestment Funds to procure electric watt-hour meters for their consumers.

4. Right to an Accurate Electric Watthour Meters; Determination of Average Error.

No meter, including instrument transformers, shall be installed or placed in service unless it has been tested, certified and sealed by ERC.

All watt-hour meters regardless of make and type before being placed in service must be adjusted to as close as possible to the condition of zero error.

5. Right to a Refund of Overbillings.

The customer has the right to a refund in cases of over-billing by the distribution utility arising from a meter testing showing that the said meter was fast without any evidence of tampering.

6. Right to a Properly Installed Meter

The customer has the right to a meter installed in a clean place free of vibration and where it will be easily accessible and visible for reading and testing by both the distribution utility and consumer.

7. Right to a Meter Testing by Electric Utility and/or ERC

A customer has the right to require the distribution utility to test, once every two (2) years, free of charge, the accuracy of the meter installed in his premised making use of a meter standard duly tested and sealed by the ERC.

8. Right to a Prompt Investigation of Complaints; Customer Dealings

Distribution utilities shall record and promptly investigate all complaints referred to them concerning their services.

In dealing with their customers relative to electric power services, all officers, employees and agents of distribution utilities must properly and conspicuously display their identification cards at all times.

9. Right to Extension of Lines and Facilities

A consumer located within thirty (30) meters from the distribution utilities’ existing secondary low voltage lines, has the right to an extension of lines or installation of additional facilities…

10. Right to Information; Scheduled Power Interruptions

In order to increase consumer awareness, all offices of DU’s must provide a Consumer Bulletin Board where major announcements/documents issued affecting consumers will be posted.

Furthermore, they must establish communication facilities, including but not limited to a customer hotline and Short Messaging Service (SMS), to cater exclusively their customers.

At least two (2) days before a scheduled power interruption, a DU must announce the same to its customers through print, or other mass or interactive media.