Sag-Tension Spreadsheet Free Calculator (Even and Uneven Supports Elevation)

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In addition to the free “even elevation sag-tension spreadsheet”, here is another excel spreadsheet wherein uneven elevation of supports is integrated. Also, I added a “macro code” for the ease of the user. In the previous calculator, the user will have to encounter the “goal seek” command but by using the “macro” capabilities of excel the user will just click the command button and focus more on the simulation.

The user should  understand first the fundamental concepts of sag-tension so that he can appreciate the equations and the result.


  1. The user can add the conductor specifications when it is not available in the database.
  2. The variables names are shown and used in the formula. This advanced excel feature, allows the user to easily pinpoint the possible errors in the formula. Formulas are protected so that accidental edit would not lead to erroneous result.
  3. There are helpful diagrams and formulas to guide the user.

Go ahead and try it out!

Update: Try also the conductor Sag and Tension Calculator with different load cases to determine the which case will produce the maximum sag. Click this link to that post.

Comment below what are the possible improvements you want to include in the future.